“Rough it” in Style as a Castaway on our Romantic, Private Desert Island

We are happy to announce that we have another gorgeous Island to offer you a unique tropical experience. Krakal is a pristine desert Island with crystal clear waters , located 30 minutes away from our Resort, which we used solely for day-trip excursions, but now we extend to our Guests the opportunity for an exclusive overnight stay. In Krakal we now have accommodation, which includes a Bedroom (with separate toilet and shower) and Living Room, in order for our Guests enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of having a beautiful desert Island at their disposal.

A second and a third Bedroom have just been added, just for the cases in which you wish to go to Krakal with Family or friends (the second/third Bedrooms will just be for requests for 4 or 6 persons all together and it will not be sold to separately,; the philosophy of Krakal Island will remain the same, of having a private Island at disposal for 2, or for 4 or 6 persons that ask to go together).

This extension from Kura Kura Resort is offered for one night although additional nights could be arranged if desired. Because Krakal is an unspoiled location of natural beauty with no electricity or kitchen facilities we provide petrol lamps (torches, candles and so on), a picnic hamper with your choice of our specially prepared food for overnight stay and transfers (from/to Kura Kura Resort).

We provide a mobile phone, if you need to contact our staff.

Rate for the full Island at disposal:
700 USD each day for 2 persons
1050 USD each day if required for 4 persons
1250 USD each day if required for 6 persons


  • Transfers from Kura Kura Resort/Krakal Island and return.
  • Full Board Basis as follows: package lunch and dinner and package Breakfast for the following morning. Meals arrives from Kura Kura Resort, no kitchen at disposal in Krakal.
  • The Guests will have a mobile phone to contact Kura Kura Resort any time. The speed-boat of the Resort can be in Krakal in 30 minutes if required).
  • Extra night in Krakal: 550 USD (if required by 2 persons), 850 USD (if required by 4 persons), 1.100 USD (if required by 6 persons).

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